Antibacterial activity of ammonium precipitate extract of viralfish (channa striatus) skin mucus

Loganathan, K., Prakash, M and Senthilraja, P

Objectives: The present study was carried out to assess the role of epidermal mucus of Viralfish, Channa striatus and their antibacterial activity on selected bacterial strains.
Methods: The fish mucus was collected by unanaesthesia and treated with ammonium precipitate. Isolated ammonium precipitate mucus extracts were subjected into the antibacterial activity. And also to determine the molecular weight of proteins by SDS-PAGE analysis.
Results: The highest resistance activity was found in E.coli from the mucus extract. In addition TLC technique presence of pink spots to indicates that proteins and amino groups. SDS-PAGE gel protein band at 14 kDa to 67 kDa was shown in clear; this peptides/protein is involved in the antibacterial activity against pathogenic bacterial strains.
Conclusion: The ammonium precipitate extracts of fish mucus have bioactive molecules (peptides/proteins) to exert strong antibacterial activity. Further detailed studies are required to understand the role and nature of the biomolecules found in the mucus