Digital image sharing and removing the transmission risk problem by using the diverse image media

Shradha S. Rathod and Dr. D. V. Jadhav

Sharing the sensitive information or data over a network conventional visual secrete sharing scheme is used. The conventional VSS scheme hides the secrete information in different shares. The shares can be noise-like pixels or meaningful images. The visual secrete sharing scheme has major problem that it suffers from a transmission risk problem for the secrete data and there is a possibility that the hackers may get the information. To overcome this problem the natural visual secrete sharing scheme (NVSS) is used. The NVSS scheme uses the natural images like paintings, photographs, hand painted pictures etc. as natural shares. As the NVSS scheme uses natural shares it reduces the transmission risk problem at a certain limit. The NVSS scheme uses different carrier media to transmit the information securely. The NVSS scheme is hides the secrete image by using the other natural shares. The NVSS system gives the solution for transmission risk problem and securely hides information.

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