The interdependence of science and society: the african experience

Wokocha G. A

This paper attempts to examine thé relationship between science and society.It sees society as a human setting in which scientific and technological enterprises operates.The characterises of each society also affect the type of science and technology it will develop.This papier tries to examine the type of science and technological development in developed countries and concluded that they arrived there because of the type of society in which they find themself their educational strips and their emphasis on science and technology.The paper observed that science is a universal enterprise and not only for the developed countries alone.The Africans can also reach that level if they change those parts of their culture that are inimical to the development of science and technology.The paper revealed évidence of degree of scientific.technological.and sociopolitics in Africa as regards to medicines.minéral exploitation.iron casting.sculpture.textile industries etc and concluded that intertribal wars.slavery.colonisation.absence of formal school system.lack of documentation of scientific knowledge and practices.dominance of magic and superstitions as having led to the apparent passivity with regards to the development of science and technology in Africa.

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