Labor welfare and employment policy in india

Bhawna Shivan

This paper includes employment policies based on the labor welfare and I basically emphasized on laborers working in industrial sector which comes under organized one. There are basically 2 categories of employment in India- Organized and Unorganized, former one includes regularized pattern of production and employment and providing certain benefits under schemes formulated by central and state government, while latter one consists of casual and self-employed workers largely employed in private sector and does not get such security or benefits. Labor force whether educated or illiterate is increasing day by day in both formal and in-formal sector. Labor welfare is an important process, it is essential to provide safety and other welfare arrangements and security against economic fear which is an urge of workers and employees through ages, therefore it is a two way process government and factory owners must understand the labor wants and labor should also understand their responsibilities and duties. Emergence of trade union movement after 1st world war due to industrial expansion there was huge amount of Industrial strikes and it acted as impetus for strengthening and expansion of employer organization, however various kinds of protests are done by trade unions for protection of rights of workers and problem of workers. Trade unions in India are different from west because they are regulated by some political party many a time, in-fact some strikes are done in factory due to their interference. Establishment of labor legislations provides social justice and has great impact on Industrial relations system. I in this paper deals with central argument that what are the reasons for various kinds of protests ongoing on the basis of violation of worker rights, why there is a conflicting relation between employers and employees, what are the various labor problems with regard to income, employment etc, why there is a quest for protection of rights even if social security schemes are being established, what is the reason of informalization of labor and emergence of working class movements.

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