Solar wind hybrid system to power mobile base station

Supriya A. Barge and Dipak B. Pawar

Operation of telecom networks require extensive use of diesel generators for power supply, which has lead to a disadvantage of increasing the greenhouse gas emission and enlargement of carbon footprints. To avoid these effects we are using solar and wind hybrid system. As there is adequate availability of solar energy and average wind speed, we are utilizing solar and wind power hybrid system with durable battery backup for providing reliable cellular mobile services. A microcontroller is used to monitor the power from solar panel and wind generator. The switching action is provided from microcontroller to the battery charger based on power received from solar panel and wind generator. The system charges the battery using wind and solar power only, which will make it more cost effective, efficient and reliable. Maximum power point tracker battery charger is used for exploiting maximum power from photovoltaic panel and wind turbine to charge the battery which will increase durability and battery life. To make full use of wind and solar energy improved simulated annealing particle swarm optimization algorithm is used. This system comprises of solar panel, wind turbine, charge controller and charge storage unit (Battery).

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