Toxic effects of curcuma longa different extracts on biochemical and enzymatic parameters of Tribolium castaneum

Uma devi.M and Sujatha. K

The Evolution of resistance in the red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum against several insecticides threatens sound storage of stored grain products. Different extracts of C. longa was assessed to demonstrate their toxic effects on biomolecules and certain metabolic enzymes of T. castaneum. After 12 hrs of extract exposure of C. longa different extracts the body contents of Protein, DNA and RNA content were depleted compared to control. However, it also suppressed the level of metabolically significant enzymes (GOT (66 %), GPT (77 %), ALP (53 %), LDH (76 %) and Amylase (63 %)). Among the different extracts, methanol extract of C. longa is proved to have strong insecticidal activity against T. castaneum and can be used for control of stored grain insects.