Understanding and unravelling the face of racism: a study of north-east students of jnu

Samina Rehman

Racism is a challenging social problem exists in India which somehow failed to get the required attention and acceptance of its existence. To understand racism, its alleged forms and racist attacks in India, I have conducted a study of north-east students of JNU. The aim of the paper is to know the perception of the north-east people, to explore the reasons if there is rise in racist attacks and to bring out the major impact on their minds. The research attempted to find out the measures to bridge the gap between the mainstream and north-east people. The small study highlights that the major cause of racism is the cultural ignorance since people in the main land are not aware about the history and culture of north-east states therefore carry prejudice and stereotypes against them. The racist attacks are increasing and it is having a major impact on their lives who live in fear and insecurity simultaneously making them more conscious of their identity. Majority of them believed it is socially constructed and general public can help to a large extent in solving the problem through awareness and cultural exchange.

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